DR Drills and PTO

Just had an interesting thought… 🤔

During my one of my recent interviews, my interviewer let slip out the detail that nobody is allowed to go on vacation during the 2-3 Disaster Recovery Drills they have every year.

On the surface… This makes sense. The DR drill is a high profile project, so you want to have all hands on deck.

But it got me thinking… This is actually a *bad* policy.

There’s no guarantee that the Meteor hitting your Datacenter will impact when your prime crew happens to be at home. Heck, they might’ve been vaporized in the impact.

If your DR plan requires everyone to be available to be functional… It’s a broken plan. People should be able to take vacation anytime, without consideration for the scheduled DR drill.

In fact, a DR drill shouldn’t be announced… It should happen at some random time to be truly effective.

Hmmm… Guess that’s kinda like the whole Chaos Engineering thing with the Netflix Simian Army. 🐵

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