Setting up GitHub Access

It’s been awhile, so let’s just restart with something simple.

Today we’re adding access to my GitHub Repository from my local computer.

I’m writing it here because I seem to forget what I need to do, so maybe this time I’ll remember it.  =)


1.) Set up a SSH keypair.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “<GitHub E-Mail Address>”

Note:  The E-Mail address does not have to be the E-Mail address used on GitHub.  Technically, this is a “comment” and is there more so you can keep your keys straight.

2.) Copy the Public Key to your GitHub profile.

~/.ssh/ => GitHub

3.) Clone the GitHub Repository that you want to work on.

a.) Browse to the Repository main page.
b.) Click on the “Clone or Download” button.
c.) Copy the URL provided for HTTPS or SSH access.
d.) Use the git clone command to bring a copy to your local working directory.

git clone <PythonRepoURL>

Note: The Repository name will become a directory under your current working directory.  If you issue “git clone ” while you’re working in the ~fred directory, you’ll have a directory ~fred/PythonRepo with the contents of the repo in it.

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